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Causes of Excessive Metamorphism of Diesel Generating Set
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After 500h running need the replacement of oil once, but sometimes not to the replacement with period, or not long time to appear oil thinning, impurity phenomenon, can not continue to use.

Diesel generator unit oil deterioration main reasons:

① oil grade is not right, the quality can not meet the requirements, the general pressurization and calibration speed greater than 2000r / min diesel engine should use the above CC level oil

② diesel engine technology is not good, channeling gas, channeling oil, with the gap is too large or oil temperature too high ;

③ diesel engine often working in the low temperature, low load, low speed operation, the piston deformation is not enough, the combustion is not complete, there are diesel along the cylinder wall into the oil pan to make oil diluted;

④ Exhaust gas into the oil sump condensed into water and acidic substances, so that oil deterioration;

⑤ oil filter dirty, unclean dirty oil into the lubrication site, accelerating the wear parts.

⑥ filter ring rupture occurred within the leakage, part of the oil without the filter directly through the filter and cause deterioration of the oil.

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